Now, I don’t take spanish. In fact, I haven’t taken Spanish since the 6th grade. A good 6 years. This does not stop me from loving some delicious mexican food though.

Taco Salad


  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Sweet Corn
  • Broccoli (not normal, but a favorite veggie of mine)
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Spicy Refried Beans

Spicy Quesedilla


  • 2 La Tortilla Wraps
  • 1/2 Tomato thinly sliced
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Trader Joe’s Smooth & Creamy Spicy Hummus

P.S. A lot of you asked about the gums in my previous post. Go to Deb’s blog where she explains all about them.


39 Responses

  1. Loving the addition of broccoli in the taco salad. It’s true they aren’t normally found in mexican recipes, but I just had some fantastic fajitas that included them, so good! And Oh so jealous about your TJ hummus. There isn’t a single one in northwest Kansas. Great blog girl! I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Oh drooooollllllllllll!! I love that you combined hummus with cheese!! Reminds me of a crack wrap!! 🙂

    P.S. I just bought xanthan gum yesterday, but sadly could not find guar gum 😦

  3. mmmm…i love all things mexican! i think i could survive solely on it!

  4. this post makes me want to go to MEXICO!!!! GRACIAS for the food porn 🙂

  5. Mmm I love Mexican food. Especially the cheesy goodness in those quesadillas 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for your comment 🙂
    That quesadilla looks amazing- I love putting hummus in there

  7. te quiero…or however you spell it…i took french not spanish hahaha

  8. I could eat refried beans with every meal. They’re so good!

  9. I’d never heard of quesadillas until I started blogging and reading other blogs, now I really enjoy them and making different variations.

  10. Looks delicious! I love TJs spicy hummus- it’s the bombbbbbb without a doubt 🙂

  11. Oh yummy mexican food! I love me some veggie fajitas with lotsa salsa and guac. I could go for your taco salad too- refried beans are delicious!

  12. Oh I love quesadillas and all things mexican 🙂

  13. oh now i’m in the mood for mexican food! hey that rhymes. yum!

  14. Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a quesadilla…yum!

  15. LOVE taco salads!!! Just made one myself!

  16. Love your mexican food!! Deliciousss!

    ❤ jess

  17. love me some mexican! great eats girl!

  18. You could probably do black beans too on the taco salad! I love those La Tortilla wraps! Now you’ve got me craving Mexican food 🙂

  19. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken Spanish, too, but it doesn’t stop me from eating the food either.

  20. yumm, both recipes sound awesome!!


  21. HI!!

    Thanks for your comment – and yes, I’m considering something like graphic designer 🙂

    I love corn, but I’ve never tasted refried beans, lol. Love the colours of your salad!!

    Have a nice week!

  22. i don’t speak spanish either but i DO speak the language of yummy food!

  23. yummy! thank god you don’t need to speak spanish to wipe up these amazing foods 😉 hehe

  24. mmm, love the vibrancy of these pics! looks delish. thank you for your sweet comment ❤

    happy monday!

  25. wow, that taco salad looks good! I was reading your biography. How funny. When I was younger, I HATED peanut butter. Now I am addicted. Cashew butter is RIDICULOUSLY awesome. Have you tried macadamia nut butter? I use it instead of salad dressing on my salads.

  26. I haven’t had refried beans in ages…your taco salad looks delicious! 😀

  27. YUM! I love how colorful this salad is! Looks great!

  28. Mexican food is a true love of mine. I grew up in Oklahoma and we have amazing hole in the wall Mexican restaurants. Since I moved to NC, I have to make it myself since they only have chain restaurants 😦 So sad!! Your Mexican dishes look fantastic! xoxo

  29. Your pictures are beautiful! 🙂

  30. That quesadilla looks great! I never make them enough, considering how easy (and tasty!) they are.

  31. now all you need is a nice big margarita 🙂

    – Beth @

  32. Love your blog girl! That quesadilla looks amazing – heck, everything looks amazing! Enjoy your Monday!!

  33. I’m actually not a huge fan of Mexican food….but that quesadilla have got me drooling! You’ve got the magic touch!

  34. Oh goodness what yummy food! I love anything spicy!

  35. Hummus in a quesadilla is SO calling my name right now!!!!

  36. thanks for the warm welcome back:) i loooove la tortilla wraps, so effin’ addictive!

  37. Muy muy tasty looking 🙂

  38. hey! thank you so much for your birthday wish 😀 woah that quesadilla looks beyond amazing. hummus in it? so good! have a great day xoxo

  39. I lovvveee combining cheese and hummus…especially when it is melty cheese!! Looks great!

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